Anti Valentine Week 2022 List: Anti Valentine’s Day Date Sheet for Slap, Kick Day After Valentines

Anti Valentine Week List 2017
Anti Valentine Week List 2017

Anti Valentine Week List 2022: It’s now time for the anti valentine’s day celebrations after Valentines’ day. It starts with Slap Day which is observed on February 15 every year. It is followed by Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day, and at last the Breakup Day. Check: Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes with Images.

It all ends on February 21 each year. The date sheet for Anti valentine week 2022 is available here. Scroll down a little, and you will find the same. Let’s check what these days stand for. The anti valentine’s week is usually celebrated by singles and those who don’t want a relationship anymore. Share: Happy Valentine’s Day Images with Quotes.

Anti Valentine Week List 2022

If you are thinking to end the relationship, think again about what the reason for it is? Do you boyfriend irritates you too much? Do your girlfriend make you spend too much? Is the relationship is not working out? You can plan your breakup this week. These days have more than just a break up one.

Each day corresponds to something different. You should look closer and know their meanings. Let’s have a quick glance at them and find out what do they signify? The anti valentine date sheet 2022 goes like the following.

Anti Valentine Week List 2020

February 15 – Happy Slap Day 2022: You don’t get to go right away and slap anybody. It’s not for you to vent out your frustration. It stands for slapping out the feelings out of your way that troubles you in your everyday life.

February 16 – Happy Kick Day 2022: You don’t have to go and kick someone and then make an excuse saying ‘hey, it kicks day.’ Don’t go violent. Instead, you can kick out the relationship if it isn’t making you happy and you are not feeling right about it. Let your partner know.


February 17 – Happy Perfume Day 2022: Gift yourself a perfume on the occasion to save your relationship from bad odor. You can also gift it your lover.

February 18 – Happy Flirting Day 2022: It seems to be made only for singles who want to mingle. They can flirt with people, but that should be good flirting else it will become eve-teasing which is a crime. However, flirting can’t be restricted to just one day.

February 19 – Happy Confession Day 2022: We all have something hidden from even our closest ones. Reveal yourself and confess it to your partner that you should. Don’t keep anything to yourself which troubles you. Find a solution. You can also accept your mistakes and move on towards a better life. Don’t keep grudges.

February 20 – Happy Missing Day 2022: Tell whom you are missing badly this time. Let them know that you feel for them. Tell them that you need them in your life. Make the occasion useful. It may provide you with the date for which you were waiting for so long. It will also bring a smile to your partner’s face.

February 21 – Happy Breakup Day 2022: You get a chance to stop being in a relationship that doesn’t suit you. You get an opportunity to leave the strangling relation which isn’t right for you.

You may be one of those who don’t celebrate these days, or they don’t have any significance to you. Still, try to find something positive out of them, and we wish you a great week ahead. Think these days as a brighter part of life to change some positive change.

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