The Impact Of Coronavirus In The World Of Sports

The Impact Of Coronavirus In The World Of Sports

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) started at the end of last year, and it shook the entire world to its core. Some fields are impacted more than others, but it’s definitely a struggle for all humanity.

Needless to say, the world of sports took a big hit. Sportsmen and all people working in this industry have faced a lot of problems and difficulties. They had to postpone many major sports events which were organized well in advance and paid for and were supposed to take place later this year, during this sports season.

At this moment, when the whole world is trying to stay safe and avoid this infectious virus, the health status of athletes is also a priority and a number one task. Sadly, there are many famous players who got infected with COVID-19.

Some of them have already managed to recover from this virus and others are still battling it, including some cricket stars who got infected as listed here on that site.

The Impact Of Coronavirus In The World Of Sports

Cricket in times of Covid-19

Because of this situation, the major sports events for this season are canceled until further notice. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) did what needed to be done, by suspending the IPL 2020. Indian Premier League was scheduled for the 29th March and it has been postponed to the 15th of April.

The board is concerned about the health of its players and cricket fans. Given the circumstances, the schedule for sixty cricket matches which the fans are eagerly awaiting can still be subject to change.

Coronavirus canceled the Tokyo Olympics

The planetary popular Olympic games, planned for this summer in Tokyo, are also postponed and will occur next year. Even though there are more than three months left until the opening of the Olympic games, the current situation doesn’t allow the contestants the necessary preparation.

Their preparation requires a lot of time and effort, and so does the organization of this huge event. According to the experts in this field, their lack of preparation can harm their results, and that’s why the decision to postpone this contest was the only rational thing to do.

UEFA EURO 2020 postponed due to Covid-19

A similar destiny happened to the most popular European sports event planned for this year – UEFA Euro 2020. The continental football championship was supposed to be held in 12 countries along the “old continent” for the first time ever.

The complexity of this championship is reflected in the great fluctuation and traveling of the fans and the teams themselves during the championship. Due to the health of the football players, the professional staff of the teams as well as the fans of the total of 24 teams that will play in this championship, UEFA was moved for June 2021.

Coronavirus: NBA season suspended

The biggest and strongest basketball league in the world, the NBA is also on stand by regarding the return of players to the field. The teams entered the last quarter of the regular season, and after that comes the most interesting part, which is the playoffs, with a total of 16 top teams.

Even though it is still uncertain when the players will return to the field, there are indications that the season will be played throughout the whole summer, which has now been confirmed by a certain number of players.

Tennis in times of coronavirus outbreak

The news that made true tennis fans sad is that the biggest tennis tournament in the world has been canceled. Wimbledon, or as many call it the “unofficial World Cup” with its long tradition, will not be played on Old England Club grounds for the first time since World War II.

The organizers decided to vacate the stadiums and cancel the tournament completely without being able to move it to another date because of the already cluttered calendar. All tournaments have been canceled by July 13 at the earliest, with the option of proceeding with the tournament cancellation beyond this date in case the global situation is not satisfactory.

The largest ground-based tennis tournament Roland Garros“ was postponed to September following the scheduled US OPEN playoffs. Unfortunately, both major tournaments are as questionable as the rest of the season.

Matches in empty stadiums?

Some leagues and national cups in many sports for this season are completely aborted and the seasons canceled. In some leagues, the current leaders in the standings have been declared champions for the current season, putting a curtain on those championships.

According to the current table, teams that have secured European Cup appearances, as well as those who are lower in the competition, are projected. Of all sports, football still struggles to continue the season and play games until the end of national championships, even without the audience.

This decision is also greatly influenced by the huge profit from the TV contract for exclusive match broadcast rights.

Big plans for the season 2020/2021

Football leagues as well as clubs in England, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain would lose large sums of money if they did not continue and play the remaining games. The most realistic option is for the current season to be played during the summer period and to continue the game at an accelerated pace.

This implies that the beginning of the next 2020/2021 season will be partly extended for a certain period. The same thing goes for the remaining Champions League and Europa League games which reached the 1/8 finals. If the competition continues, it is likely that all the matches and even the finals will be played without the presence of the audience, which would be a precedent in the long history of this competition.


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