Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For PC, Android, iOS Phones [2018]: Top 10 Working List

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For PC, Android, Mac, Linux
Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For PC, Android, Mac, Linux

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PC, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS is here. Nintendo3DS is a kind of transportable game. And it was introduced in Japan in the year 2011. With the coming time, the cost price for the game experienced a sudden fall. (Check: Best GBA Emulators.)

Nintendo introduced the game to the world by making some kind of inspection from a 3D video game. The victory was still left to be achieved by Nintendo. But slowly, it started showing good ratings. This was set to be a positive news for Nintendo.

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators

Now, we have brought up a list of the topmost working Nintendo 3DS Emulator for the Android users and PCs (Windows and Mac OS). Through these emulators, you gotta play Nintendo games using your Android phones or connecting it to your PC’s. This won’t ask you to put some effort in it.

Still not clear about the idea of using a ‘3DS Emulator’? Okay, let me explain it to you. Basically, the emulator works by duplicating the graphical system of the game. And when this happens, you can make the game available on your PC sets or Android phones.

You can play any Nintendo 3D game on your PC set without making up any official availability for the same. These 3DS emulators would make the dream come true for those who seek to have a keen interest in gaming zone.

We request you all to have a look on the list prepared of top 10 Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android and PC users.

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Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PC – Windows, Linux, Mac OS

What is the basic purpose of an ‘Emulator’? Every set up has some filled program that works particularly in that system only. Basically, emulators help to work that similar program on your system. It creates a twin for you to use. And so created for the Nintendo game too. Some of them are:

Citra 3Ds Emulator

It can be called a lion’s share. I mean to say that a lion’s share is always huge and so ‘Citra’ is also demanded by many of the users. It is called as one of the well-liked programs developed. Citra sounds like a well-matched program found for PC sets. It is one of the open source Nintendo 3DS Emulators which can be accessed from Windows, Linux or MAC. LINK


This program got an introduction by DS developer. Later, it got closed. And now it’s accessible only from ‘Github’. You may try it. There are some barriers that stop it from having a good rating. This program may fail anytime. Maybe on a constant basis too. This open source emulator for 3DS games is compatible with Windows and Linux OS.

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For PC, Android, Mac, Linux
Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For PC, Android, Mac, Linux


Not much known about, but still can perform some programs including Homebrew. The biggest drawback it comes up with is that you can’t use it for playing games and stuff. This rates it down. LINK


This was one of the initial program launched. It allows operating the Nintendo 3Ds games to your Windows PC sets. Plus, it doesn’t ask for any charges. LINK


You need to lose some amount from your pockets for this freeware. But not so high prices. This is basically a ‘DS/DS Lite’ & ‘Game Boy Advanced’ emulator which would run in your Windows XP or Windows Vista. LINK


We can run this on any of the Windows. People usually prefer it because this acts like a suited match for their desire. You can download it from and it’s absolutely free. It’s a good one. LINK


This is one of the best Nintendo Emulator for 3DS gaming. It holds up the latest games. May it be a Super Mario 64 DS game, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. There’s no limit as to what number of games you can upload. This is available free of cost on LINK

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Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android

The Nintendo Emulators are given much preference due to their good merging quality. Plus, they can get instantly joined with your PSP and Gameboy Advance. Some of the running emulators for the Android users are:

Ultimate x3DSx Gold

This emulator can be made easily available for your Android phone. It is considered as one of the speedy emulators which has no bars regarding the types of games you wish to play. Plus, it holds on some extra features that involve usage of some outsider wireless managers. This emulator is given a good rating because of its inbuilt features and functions.


DraStic DS Emulator

If we talk about something that would remain solid until the end. Then this emulator is what you must try. The emulator was taken through different stages to check its working. And you won’t believe it showed positive results in many stages. However, failures occurred in some situations too.

But these failures were then than achievements. It is built with visual display design customization, control customization, Google drive, hardware and software control, fast forward and so on. It may cost you a little high but it functions with great features. As of now, it is the most stable DS emulator in the market.


It acts as one of an advanced Nintendo 3ds emulator. Observation proved that this emulator runs the ROM files effectively and efficiently. The failures came at the time of playing Pokemon and some other games. But, talking about its features, it holds in a lot just for free of cost. Like, cheat codes, custom button layouts, visual display choices and so on. All in all, we can conclude that this is one of a good 3ds emulators to try.


Heard ‘Old is gold’? We can connect this statement over here. Yes, this emulator has been for a couple of years and offers many features. As it is old, there are some issues built in it for which the makers are doing their best to fix them. It holds in many attributes which include omitting of frames, presentation tweaks saving & loading states. All these features help to play the games at a high speed. Plus, this is available free of cost.

NDS Boy! NDS Emulator

An advanced emulator built in with mediocre ROM suitability. This is considered as one of an appropriate emulator to keep in use. It holds in many features that make it look more wanting. Like loading & saving states, control of basic functions, customization controls and so on. Many games match with this emulator in all points. These may be 7z, RAR, zip & NDS files. Plus, this is available free of cost to you. They do not charge any cost for such a highly advanced emulator.


Talking about the ‘RetroArch’, we can say it holds up many systems like PlayStation (PS), SNES, game boy (GBA), and the Nintendo DS. As there are many systems joined with this emulator, it may be the little confusing one to use. The structure for every kind of emulator here is in ‘cores’. Plus, it’s directions to use may be a different one than other emulators. Most importantly, this is available free of cost to you. It is an open source too.

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for iOS

  • Citra Emulator
  • EMU4iOS
  • HappyChick
  • eMu3Ds
  • RetroArch


We can say that all the Nintendo 3DS emulators have their own ups and downs. You can adjust them as per your needs. And the ‘Citra’ emulator is still holding in the work in progress position (development phase and unstable). You may try using these emulators. Just make a download for the emulator you wish to and start your gaming zone. You may enjoy it on your PCs or Android phones. Start your game and win it!

We hope that you found your Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PC, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android OS from the list mentioned above. Don’t forget to share it on social media sites and let others also know about it.

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