Persona 6: Release Date and Everything Else We Know About JRPG Sequel

Persona 6 Release Date, Persona 6 Wishlist, Persona 6 Gameplay, Persona 6 Plot, Persona 6 Characters, Persona 6 Trailer, Persona 6 Rumors, Persona 6 News, Persona 6 Updates
Persona 6 Release Date, Persona 6 Wishlist, Persona 6 Gameplay, Persona 6 Plot, Persona 6 Characters, Persona 6 Trailer, Persona 6 Rumors, Persona 6 News, Persona 6 Updates

Persona 6 Release Date: Waiting for the new installment of ‘Persona‘ games? Then, your wait is going to end. The long-surviving game is coming soon with its 6th edition. Persona 5 took almost 8 years to come back in the year 2017.

So, this time your hopes won’t be expecting a sudden coming. Correct or not? But, yes there seems that the news is positive. There’s no doubt that the games captured high rating in the auction list. The victory for Persona 5 has been greatly celebrated by Atlus. Now, in the time comes he’s been thinking for ‘Persona6’.

Persona 6 Release Date

Well, the question seems obvious to come in mind. It’s been predicted that we have to wait for a little for the confirmation of an official date. But along with it, we also heard that it will come sooner than our hopes. Maybe after around 4-5 years, the edition would give a look. Now, we can calculate that 2020 could be the year in which we would get to greet Persona6.

As far as the running of the game is concerned, maybe it would be more advanced for the upcoming peer group. And if the upcoming of ‘Persona6’ is gonna take a time period yet to come, so the release date and stuff could. TBA would soon come up with the notification regarding the official date for the release of Persona 6.

Persona 6 Release Date, Persona 6 Wishlist, Persona 6 Gameplay, Persona 6 Plot, Persona 6 Characters, Persona 6 Trailer, Persona 6 Rumors, Persona 6 News, Persona 6 Updates

Persona 6 Characters

What a fascinating plot Persona 5 holds! The battle included the young peer group fighting to kill the devil thoughts from their soul. As the Persona 5 was the last edition, there are chances that Persona6 could be a relationship of the same with further built ups. The modernization thought the process was calculated with very best efforts by Atlus.

The characters would be more advanced ones in P6 with new ideas and thoughts. The battle could be a one not seen ever. Possibly, with the latest technology Persona6 is gonna be something that would sound extremely unknown. Some cast may be the previous one with completely new grace. Waiting for the new characters to watch? Your wait is obvious!

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Persona 6 Trailer

As far as the trailer for Persona6 is concerned, it requires some time to come. Even the Persona 5 is not handed in the other versions till now. So, how can we think of the new trailer right now? TBA would soon be revealing many pop-ups concerning the Persona 6.

We are too waiting for Atlus to come up with something we could share with you guys. As soon as we get details about the trailer for P6, we’ll update it here. For now, we can say- Stay connected for the latest updates!

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Persona 6 Plot, Wishlist

Some duplet kind of thoughts may have arisen in the mind of the viewers. Just as the Persona 5 hit a great victory, one may wait for the new edition for P6. Few may think up that Atlus would be enjoying the honor. Now that I’ve revealed to you about the upcoming of the Persona6, you all must be waiting for that curiously.

It took almost eight years for Persona 4 to go for a renewal. And though the result came out to be more magnificent. Persona 5 was completely different from the old one. So, it’s being predicted that the working for Persona 6 would not take much time as they may use stuff from Persona 5 itself.

But definitely, we would not get to see the old things. Indeed, they would modify them to something greater. It is assumed that the format regarding the gameplay would be going in the same direction as it routed from the back editions.

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We can expect many things from Persona6. After the P5 ended, we can make assumptions about many new things. Some of them could be the following:

Dual protagonists

Players have always wanted a customizable protagonist. The users have always complained about it in all the past games. They wanted to select a gender, at least, if not more. This issue can be solved by introducing the dual protagonist feature in the show.


The hustle and bustle of Tokyo will be properly mixed and placed with the peaceful inhabitants of Inaba. It would make a true and unique RPG experience for game players. The gameplay will shift between two expansive locations each with their own dynamics. It would make every gaming session a surprise to be enjoyed if it could be executed well enough.

Delightful Narrative Line

It would be considered significant to see Persona6 in light with the Persona 5. Won’t it sound exciting? Yes, with this we will get to investigate more deeply into the roots of Persona 5. The last mentioned thoughts of Atlus in P5 achieved a high rating. It emerged out to be a remarkable one striking at the fighting with such grace.

Instead of engaging in a battle with someone, it’s much better to kill our own devils filled in our mind. This would give more peace than killing someone. The cast and characters seemed to be more appealing than the previous editions. Maybe Persona 6 would grab attention at its storyline first. This sounds exciting!

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Advanced Characters (Personas)

The most important thing that one loves is the character parts played in the game. It may be a devil one or an angel one. It all depends on our choices. Without their entry, everything would go dull. When we feel relaxed with a character, we somewhat start liking it. That’s true for all of us.

The previous editions landed with many influencing characters. The advancement and modernized theory built up by Atlus got into the action with positive results. Rather than thinking about the plot, we just wait for the renewal of the characters.

May it be a game or anything else. It’s delighted to wait for Atlus’s mind to reveal something much more advanced. Still, the bell rings in our minds with the Persona 5 characters. And now new will come, this is gonna be fascinating. Lets’ see what is gonna be more inspiration this time!

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Advanced Multiplayer set

Persona games are just something one can’t miss. In fact, new individuals would too wish to join the games. Just waiting for the advancement stage for Multiplayer sets too.

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Persona 6 GamePlay

Talking about the gameplay part, I would like to mention that advancement would grow up at a higher level in P6. P5 took a complete change from the earlier parts. Maybe, this could be the time for P6 to get a new look. The successor could glow up the lights with great flame.

Earlier, there was a fire of rating for P5 by the viewers. Hopefully, P6 would add great flames too. There is not everything that got new in P5. But everything went on through the modification process. Similarly, we could assume that P6 would hold many new elements and stuff.

Some may be modified one or some may be brand new. It all depends on what Atlus wish to make. These we could mention all small updates. The renewal must blow up our minds with great frequency. Don’t consider this statement as a weapon. Think of the level of curiosity.

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It is obvious that Persona 6 is gonna arrive soon to us. There is no doubt in this news left to be cleared. Hopefully, Atlus thought for the fans instead of enjoying the victory for P5. But definitely, new arrival would get him much higher success.

Well, that depends on the creativity level of P6. Yet there’s nothing officially revealed out about P6 by the team cast of the game. Even the date of the release is yet to be finalized.

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Let’s know your views and thoughts via comments. For more updates and news, stay tuned to The Reporter Times.

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