Sites To Watch Movies Online: Best & Free Movie Streaming Websites [2018]

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Best Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies Online: Top Films Streaming Sites

The free movie websites to watch movies online & top films streaming sites list is here. Gone are the days when people used to wait eagerly for the premiere of the favorite flick over television. Gone are the days when people used to rent DVDs.

Now it’s the era of cloud computing where you don’t even need to download the thing. Stream Online! That is the new mantra of the GenY. And to help our readers practice this mantra, here we are the top 5 websites where one can stream movies, tv series, documentaries just at a click.

Best Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies Online: Top Films Streaming Sites

The list of free movie sites to watch & stream films online is as follows:

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime membership started towards the end of 2016. Along with ecommerce benefits to the buyers, the ecom service also offers music and video services. It now offers original movies, exclusive video content like Comicstaan. Besides regular Hollywood and Bollywood movies, APV also hosts regional language films. Currently, the membership costs Rs. 129 monthly and Rs. 999 yearly. Here, you can watch movies online.

  • Crackle

Crackle offers a solid array of syndicated content and original productions. It gives you the option to watch quality movies like action comedy and all other genres. Besides movies, the site features tv shows and original programming series. It has a robust lineup of movies and tv series. With such features, Crackle is definitely one of the best free Roku channels. It is one of the best free movie websites.

  • Fmovies

Surely, I have been roaming around the whole internet and there is nothing better than this out there. A Large collection, awesome quality options, customized playlists, alternate stream options……you just name it, and this website has got it all with it. So, it’s one of the best movie streaming sites out there.

Every flick seems to be available out here the very day it hits the theaters, even though you may have to compromise on the quality if you are eager enough. But it doesn’t mean that now you ought to keep checking daily if the quality tag on the top left has changed from CAM to TS to HDRip finally. It’s one of the best free movie websites on the internet.

Just put it in your Watch Later list and these guys will do the task of reminding you through your email to watch movies online for free. You can watch latest movies for free – be it films, tv series, or anything else. The free movie streaming sites never let you down.

And if you talk about the collection, you just have to put in the name in the search box and voila! You surely would be landed where you intended to. So, watch series online for free. Be it the latest GOT episode or the recent documentary aired on HBO which you missed, you will get it here. So, think no more and just plugin this URL. It’s an amazing and free movie streaming site to watch movie online.

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This red color UI website is having one of the best looks around and follows in the footsteps of the popular streaming site Fmovies. The interface is really appealing even though you will have a hard time going against pop ads. After all, this is the sole way these sites get their earnings from. There are only a few free movie websites to download and streaming / watch movies online.

Here on this site, you will surely notice that organization of the movies is its forte. Once you hover your mouse over the movie picture, you get to see a small tab containing details like its IMBD synopsis, ratings, cast, genre and option to put it in your Watch Later list. This makes the browsing easier as you need not go to the page of every movie to see if it’s right for your taste.

Once you decide and land on the streaming page where you find the player, you will be happy to find that you have got the links to share it on your favorite social media handle from here itself. Also, you have a button with Trailer written on it. Click this and you get the YouTube’s official trailer playing right there in the same tab itself.


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Another great free film website is known around for its huge (raised to power infinity kind of huge) collection. I was amazed to find even the oldest possible classics here on this platform. It seemed that you will find almost anything if it ever got the status of being a feature film, whatever may be the era.

The whole interface of the home screen is also commendable. You have got chat box wherein you can log in and chat with other users. There’s a “Watching Now” tab where you can see which all movies are in vogue. And there are other tabs like “Box Office”, “latest TV series”, top users and a lot more.

Once you have got your desired content, it will provide you with a plethora of streams available online. You just click on any of them and the stuff starts playing, surely after you have had your share of struggle with pop up ads. That is one downside of this website, which can surely be ignored in face of its staggering list of features.

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Free Movie Websites, free movie sites, watch movies online, free movie streaming sites, free movie online
Best Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies Online: Top Films Streaming Sites
  • PopCornFLix

Popcornflix is a Screen Media venture which provides you with superb quality free movie streams. The site clearly states that it is over-the-top (OTT) service offering free ad-supported streaming video of feature-length movies and webisodes. So, here also you will have your share of struggle against a hoard of ads.

But other than that, everything seems to be more than fine out here. You get to choose from tons of options available. And the stream quality is more than satisfactory, even at lower speeds. It is an ocean for free movies online and tv shows, etc. It’s one of the best free movie streaming sites available.

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  • Youtube

Now, who in the right mind says that he doesn’t know this! The name has become kind of synonymous with the word streaming itself. Now, if I start listing out features of this thing, surely there would be nothing which would be unknown to anyone out here.

And coming to our point of streaming movies, you might say not much of the content is available in terms of full movies. To that, I would say that you are wrong. Almost all the movies, barring the latest ones, are very much available for a meager price.

And general public also uploads full movies on the store. Even though one may have experienced that most of them are just a screenshot playing out straight for a couple of hours. So all in all, if you are ready to shell out some bucks, this is the easiest available place to click the play button. It is one of the best sites to watch free movies online without downloading.

  • Viewster

It is the best site to watch anime online for free. It is legal as well as free and you can explore the gems from the past.

This is the list of best free movie websites to watch movies online. If you have any more free movie streaming sites, let’s know in comments. The list of free movie sites will be updated from time to time.

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