How To Watch Anime Online: Best Free Cartoon Streaming Sites

watch cartoons online, watch anime online, cartoon streaming sites, anime streaming sites
watch cartoons online, watch anime online, cartoon streaming sites, anime streaming sites

how to watch cartoons online. The following list of anime streaming sites gives you the opportunity to stream, download and watch your favorite anime or cartoon online. In this tech era, we have a plenty of options to watch anything anytime – both free and paid options.

Here’s a list of top cartoon/anime sites to watch them online without the need of downloading any of them. At these portals, you can watch cartoons like Spongebob, Gravity Falls, Naruto Boruto, Tom & Jerry, etc. Let’s have a quick look at them and save your time.

watch cartoons online, watch anime online, cartoon streaming sites, anime streaming sites

Watch Cartoons Online: Free Anime Streaming Sites

The list of cartoon streaming sites and watch anime online is as follows:


Now, who in the right mind says that he doesn’t know this! The name has become kind of synonymous with the word streaming itself. Now, if I start listing out features of this thing, surely there would be nothing which would be unknown to anyone out here.

And the use of this portal to satisfy your thirst of the cartoon is tried and tested. You just search the title and you are bound to have a long list of episodes to choose from. Such large is the fan base of the so called cartoons that there won’t be a single instance where you would have to change the tab with disappointment.

Almost all the titles are easily available for no cost at all. Now that is a different case that you may have to sacrifice a little in the name of quality if you are browsing to get titles from the century gone by. (Check: cartoon hd apk.)

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Cartoons On

This one will be paradise for you if you are looking for someplace to where you can stream your favorites. Almost all the episodes are available in at least 720p. And the good thing is that you get to stream uninterrupted even at slower internet connections.

You will really be amazed at the fact that how well all the content has been organized with tags of a different genre, year, studio…..One can say that these pulled off a Monica! The courtesy that, finding exactly what you are looking for becomes a cake walk.

Another feature of the site which makes it top the list of many people’s favorite is that you are spared w ith the paraphernalia of creating another account, remembering another username-password combination, logging in, logging out…. Simply search your content and you are presented with the player screen. That’s all!


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Anime Flavor

If you prefer it calling Anime instead of Cartoon, just so as to ensure that you have a mature standard, this one is tailor-made for you. The whole database is updated regularly and you are bound to find the next episode as soon as it airs.

Anime Flavor is one stop shop for all your cartoon needs. You need not consider going anywhere else once you start using this one. Also, you have got the option to share whatever you are viewing with your pals instantly from the same platform on your Facebook or Google+ page.

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Surely this one comes from the official Nickelodeon channel. And that itself is enough to let you know that you will find all the shows from this channel out here. So, once here, you need not ever go for your TV remote ever again.

The interface is really funny and appealing one. You will surely like it at the very first instance. And take my word on it when I say that your kid is gonna be hooked on to this one.

Also, it needs to be kept in mind that the very strength of this site sometimes goes as its restriction- all the Nickelodeon Channel content is here!

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Even though the name suggests that it something made specifically for movie viewers, it serves our purpose also! A large portion of its database consists of animes and cartoons from every era possible.

Even though you might find it irritating struggling with a horde of advertisements and pop up ads, the ease with which you can start viewing your content makes sure that it always gets a standing on our list!

watch cartoons online, watch anime online, cartoon streaming sites, anime streaming sites
watch cartoons online anime streaming sites

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It’s one of the best and reliable site to watch anime online. This site provides all the latest anime episodes, movies, and much more. It also gives you the option to genre like – Action, funny, or romantic, etc. The website also shares the list of popular cartoon and provides the latest shows’ updates. All the episodes are free to watch and there is no need to login or register to watch cartoon online.

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The list anime streaming sites and watch cartoons online also include:

  1. Toon Jet
  2. Watch Cartoons Online
  3. Go Go Anime
  4. Disney Junior
  5. Anime Toon
  6. Anime Center
  7. Watch Online Cartoons
  8. Kiss Cartoon
  9. SuperCartoons
  10. Vimeo
  11. Hulu
  12. NewGrounds
  13. Side Reel
  14. Cartoons8
  15. Comedy Central
  16. Disney video
  17. South Park Studios
  18. Cartoon Park
  19. Cartoon Network
  20. Kiss Panda
  21. Watch Anime Dub
  22. All MyAnime
  23. Cartoonito
  24. Maker
  25. OvGuide
  26. Boomerrang
  28. Anime Show TV
  29. AnimeDao

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This is the list of watch cartoons online / anime streaming sites which is free and reliable.

Stay tuned to TheReporterTimes for more such updates.

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