Did Ray Liotta Have Cancer or Parkinson’s disease? Investigation on Health Issues & Disease of Chantix Star Suffering From

Who is Ray Liotta daughter Karsen Liotta & fiancee Jacy Nittolo? How Goodfellas Actor Died
Who is Ray Liotta daughter Karsen Liotta & fiancee Jacy Nittolo? How Goodfellas Actor Died - Karsen Liotta age, net worth 2022, mother, films, boyfriend, wiki, bio, wikipedia

Ray Liotta did not have Cancer as per the medical records. He appeared to be recovering well from his smoking addiction after doing commercials for Chantix, inflicting some wooers to wonder if he had lung cancer because of his smoking habit.

Liotta had been a smoker; Pfizer saw him as a perfect fit to start appearing in adverts for Chantix – a brand launched by vaccine manufacturer Pfizer in 2018, with Ray saying: ‘I tried to quit smoking for years on my own. I couldn’t do it. I needed help.’ Chantix is a prescription medication used for quitting smoking.

Watch Liotta’s Chantix Advertisement here: 

After reading his obituary, some people started wondering if Ray Liotta was suffering from Lung Cancer.

Here is a detailed investigation of the whereabouts of Ray Liotta, Cancer, and the role of Chantix.

Reported Warnings and Problems with Chantix: 

According to an FDA document, “Cardiovascular death occurred in 0.3% of patients in the varenicline arm and 0.6% of patients in the placebo arm throughout the 52-week study.”

In 2015, there was a petition started by Morwood-Oldham, who lost her younger son to suicide. The petition asked to put on-the-box warning labels. According to a National Geographic report, the drug has been linked to more than 500 suicides, 1,800 attempted suicides, and the bizarre death of an American musician Carter Albrecht.

The case of suicide doesn’t seem to be an angle at Ray Liotta’s death because of the following reasons:

  • He was happily engaged to Jacy Nittolo
  • He passed away peacefully in the Dominican Republic while shooting for an upcoming thriller, Dangerous Waters.

Investigation Result: It’s most unlikely that Chantix is responsible for Ray Liotta’s death. Most of the Suicide cases linked to Chantix had neurological difficulties in common. There is no single report of a 67-year-old actor suffering from neurological challenges. Hence, Ray Liotta’s Death Couldn’t be Linked to Chantix. 

Did Ray Liotta Have Cancer or Parkinson’s disease? 

It is not yet revealed whether or not or not Ray Liotta had Lung cancer. However, according to the release, it’s acknowledged that Liotta died peacefully in his sleep on May 26, 2022, while filming Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic.

According to The Courier Daily, “No health issues and illness have been linked to the death of Ray Liotta.”

The claims of Ray Liotta, Suffering from Cancer, are baseless and without any credible source backing the story. Without any further update from Ray Liotta’s family, attorney, or physician – It’s safe to say that the viral claim of Cancer responsible for Ray Liotta’s death, is false. 

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