Gate Season 3 Anime Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Gate season 3

Gate Season 3: How about the renewal for ‘The Gate’? Isn’t it sound exciting? The release date is yet to be out for the anime lovers. The story of Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) wandering a fantasy world upon the ‘Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri’ light novels, and the tale are just getting more like a fantasy-build world. A-1 Pictures studio is connected to the anime.

Till now, 24 episodes were aired and covered numerous characters and events. But, it was all a reflection of the things yet to come since the novel sketched an anime alien Xenomorphs running amok. Seems odd to suddenly see a popular anime with the introduction of Aliens from Sigourney Weaver’s adventure. Just remember the ‘Gate: And So The JSDF Fought’ story which started the journey in 2006 in the form of fan fiction.

The story was first introduced as web novels by the author, named Takumi Yanai. This soon came into the eye of the print publishing company AlphaPolis. And from there, the publishing journey began. The very first chapters of the story got published in the July of 2011. Further, the author has already reached to ‘Gate’ volume 10. The whole set leaves a question behind! What’s that? Is it possible to see an actual anime season with anime Aliens?

Gate Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

In the concern of the print publishing, anime production company A-1 Pictures has not come up with any official announcement concerning the release date for Gate Season 3. Further, we’ll be updating the article as soon as we get confirmed details for the sequel, if / when it will be out. It may release sometime in 2019.

The release seems to be surrounded by two main things: money and the source material. An anime sequel gets launched if there’s a financial inducement available. In this respect, there’s a positive news that the Gate’s sales in Japan are enough to film a sequel

According to Anime News Network report, during November 2015 sales of Gate Blu-Ray in Japan captured the top 10 positions on the charts with 4,696 copies sold. Further, the sales for Gate Season 2 Blu-Ray hold the same numbers with 4,999 copies sold which brought the anime in the top 5 positions in the March 2016 report.

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By August 2016, the Gate Blu-Ray sales remained in the top 10 positions on the chart. Later, the Gate English dub was finalized with the release date being July 11, 2017. In comparison with this ‘No Game, No Life‘ Season 1 was on the top 12 positions on the chart with 5,705 copies sold. An anime movie No Game No Life: Zero released in 2017.

When the money matters come up in between, this makes the making of Gate Season like a no-brainer. Next, to it, the only problem left is the source material. But right now, the explanation seems essential. Novels from the author Takumi Yanai were gone through a reprint process as light novels, along with each of the 10 books were split to make 20 light novels.

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Both the novels and light novels hold the same content within it. But the light novels were added with extra artwork sketched by the artist Kurojishi. Yanai is engaged in writing a monthly ‘Gate’ manga that’s scripted with 64 chapters. It is left far behind where the anime has reached.

The anime scooped off a lot of content from the novel just to make it sound like worth to read the Gate English translation from the beginning. Alongside this, the future anime season seems not to include the whole dialogue and character development.

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Gate season 3

In Gate Volume 8, there’s a long writing on the discussion of justifying governmental suppression of the media that calls for religion, Pol Pot, Martin Luther King with other real-world examples. Real world examples hold much interest for the readers out there. This deep discourse will marsh down the march of an anime.

Earlier, the last Gate novels were released in July 2015. The plot of anime took a conclusion with some parts of Gate book 5 and book 6 from the novel series, with about five volumes left as source material for an anime. But the obstacle came out to be that the main plot for novels even ended with Volume 5 making a repetition.

The other five volumes left came revealed as side stories focussed mainly on thrills and adventures of one or more Gate characters. Another puzzling state was established when the Gate manga revised few Book 10 side stories, but the anime skipped them.

In 2017, the print publishing company AlphaPolis showed an official confirmation on the plans for Season 2 of the light night series. The story reconnects again with the thrills of Yoji Itami when he is traveling all way the seas in the Special Region abroad the JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defence Forces) Oyashio-Type submarine ‘Kitsashi.’

In the end, the obstacle with the launch of Gate’ Season 3 right now seems to be that it would hold the detached side stories indeed showing a coherent main plot with the main focus on Itami. In addition, many side stories filmed in the middle of events which already took place in the anime. This seems futile as source material until A-1 Pictures wish to go for flashback episodes for character development.

In the coming time, there’s a possibility for Yanai to release the second main book series that would give more source material for Gate Season 3.

In 2017, the studio announced that the creators are working on the script for Gate season 3. But, since then, there has been no official update regarding the series.

Gate Season 2 or Gate Season 3

A little controversial scene is splitting the fandom. Some are of the favor that the new installment should be titled Gate Season 3 whereas others insist to see the title as Gate Season 2. It may be just a language quarrel but this match somewhat to the issue like ‘Fairy Tail Season 9’ and ‘Fairy Tail Season 3’ identically along with the next versions belonging to the years of launch instead of the actual seasons.

Those who are calling for Gate Season 2 point out that the first 24 episodes were split up into two parts. Who’s idea is this? The audience might be thinking about it. Actually, what happens is that Japan usually split its anime launch time periods, normally referred to as cours, into Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall time.

Now, the first cours gets wrapped with around 12 episodes that fall during the following cour. With this scheme, the first 12 episodes of Gate Season 1 got premiered in the Summertime 2015. On the other part, the second cours wrapped with the next remaining episodes gets premiered in the Winter time 2016.

What’s calling more in this support seems to be the Google search traffic data. People are searching slightly more for Gate season 2 than Gate season 3. However, we have given more focus on Gate season 3 in this article as Crunchyroll has specifically referred the second cours of episodes as season 2 and MyAnimeList has given it the same title.

Gate Season 3 Spoilers

Earlier, the favorite Gate characters – Lelei, Rory, and Tuka were caught creating havoc and disrupting a dojinshi convention on Earth. This further concluded Itami’s role as working too hard the past year.

Fortunately, JSDF’s third Recon somehow directed to save Pina Co Lada from the very grasp of her brother, Zorzal. The Emperor decided to make Pina as his successor (heir) to the Empire. Just after 10 days, an inauguration crowned the princess Pina. Then, Zorzal vowed for vengeance against Japan. This way, it ended with a cliffhanger.

There’s no denying to the fact that books #6 to #9 are flagged as gaiden. But the side stories evidently take place in a sequential order within the “Gate” storyline. The side stories are planned to segue into the another (second) series of the books so that would be showing some signs in the introductory Gate Season 3 episodes to insert these events.

Indeed, there is a presence of such sundry events that are critical for establishing the stage for season 3. Probably, the anime would include them in at least the first curs.

There’s nothing surprising to the civil war that will break out in the Empire when we find Zorzal rallies his Imperial troops for the purpose of full-out conflict. The Special Region forces follow a rule of forcefully compensation by trapping tanks in pits for weapons. Also, chains were thrown on helicopter blades in order to put up the flight.

The tragedy begins at the final battle. The battle against Zorzal caused a severe damage to the JSDF along with soldiers living their last breath and weapons being destroyed.

Zorzal doesn’t seem to be a real threat as the international intrigue has USA, Russia, and China interfering in the special region. The efforts just ended in catastrophic consequences to the Gate. On the other hand, multi-national efforts caused Chinese agents to go rogue along with a portal return to Earth is closed shut. Itami gets knocked off from dojinshi but JSDF also knocked off from reinforcements.

The JSDF fellows grounded in the Special Region are bound to face the bitter truth of being stuck forever. Next focus of the gaiden novels goes onto the adventures and mysteries of Pina, Tuka, Lelei, and Rory. Moreover, Itami transforms into a dragon knight. Maybe, the story theme would be a part of their attempts to disclose a new gate back to Japan.

The Gate: Cast and characters

Some stars will be renewed for Season 3. Let’s meet with all the main characters.

  • Yoji Itami voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and David Wald in English.
  • Pina Co Lada voiced by Haruka Tomatsu in Japanese and Jessica Boome in English.
  • Tuka Luna Marceau voiced by Hisako Kanemoto in Japanese and Juliet Simmons in English.
  • Lelei La Lelena voiced by Nao Toyama in Japanese and Brittney karbowsli in English
  • Rory Mercury voiced by Risa Taneda in Japanese and Rachel Landom in English.
  • Shino Kuribayashi voiced by Maaya Uchida in Japanese and Stephanie Wittels in English.
  • Takeo Kurata voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in Japanese and Tyler Galindo in English.
  • Akira Tomita voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese and Ty Mahany in English.
  • Mary Kurokawa voiced by Satomi Akesaka in Japanese and Allison Sumrall in English.
  • Furuta Hitoshi voiced by Daiki Hamano in Japanese and Adam Gibbs in English.

Many characters have been renewed for the fans to watch again in Season 3.

Gate: Alien Xenomorphs invade Japan

Here, Gate season 3 will turn a little crazy, particularly when the copyright issues with 20th Century Fox are concerned. Itami enters a Gate portal build by Lelei’s magic. At that time, Itami protrudes into an H.R. Ginger- inspired room filled with facehugger eggs.

These are referring as the Alien Xenomorphs straight out of “Alien: Covenant.” These don’t resemble the copyright accessible zerg cutoffs. Even the author Yanai doesn’t make implied references in the novel. Indeed, Itami mentions the facehugger eggs in context with the “Alien” movie. It’s a funny and humorous scene since Itami is helpless himself and alarms everyone by spreading that feeling of an Alien shattering out of his chest.

Neither do we encounter the reference to Alien Xenomorphs a minor plot minor that A-1 Pictures can abolish out of the story as we have seen in the Chinese censored part of the ‘Alien’ movie.

Are you a fan of the ‘Gate?’ Share your thoughts in the comment box below. Are you also waiting for the Gate season 3 anime?

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