The Buffalo Mass Shooter Is Not What America Thinks He Is

The Buffalo Mass Shooter Is Not What America Thinks He Is
The Buffalo Mass Shooter Is Not What America Thinks He Is

The Buffalo, New York mass shooting of at Tops Supermarket details are sound all too familiar to me, as a real-world expert on mass shootings. The shooter was first inclination was to attack a school, just like the South Carolina church shooter in 2015. The shooter tortured animals, just like the 2021 Oxford High School shooter in Michigan, the 2018 Parkland school shooter and the first modern day school shooter Brenda Spencer of SOCAL in 1979.

Mass shooters have 99% of the common characteristics found in another notorious uniquely American genre of murderer, the All-American serial killer. As I detail in an article, I authored in 2015, America is 4% of the world’s population, but produces 75% of the world’s serial killers (the numbers for mass shooters are even higher). American culture manufactures serial killers the way General Motors manufactures cars. It turns out that the Buffalo mass shooter, like his contemporary mass murderers are the Facebook generation’s serial killers. The good news is that we can eradicate them from our society; the bad news is the powers that we have no intention of doing so.

Although none of these killers knew each other, were raised by the same parents, nor lived in the same area of the country, they all have the exact same profile. The question is not WHY is this but HOW is this? The answer is even more disturbing than their acts if that is possible.

The answer is, ‘What is different in the America of today, vs the America when there was no school shooter epidemic?” Tech, ultra-political corruption, and massive social delusion. These elements have come together in a witches’ brew to create the perfect breeding ground for the scourge of mass shooters.

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As I warned beginning in the 1980’s (the origin of every major problem in America), and in my much-plagiarized article on the Parkland School shooting, social media, corrupt politicians and security leaders, and reality TV created and are fueling mass shootings.

A 2015 article in The Atlantic magazine verifies my assertion on reality TV, statements from the co-founders of Facebook echo my assertion on social media, and as any and all Americans witness on a daily basis, our political leadership is blatantly corrupt to the core whether it’s protecting serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein or taking bribes from anyone and everyone with a fist full of Ben Franklins.

This is why my think tank refers to reality TV as Fake-ality TV, social media, as sociopath media, and our political elite as a Corrupt-ocracy. Just ask yourself, WHY now? Why didn’t mass shooters show up en masse in the 1970’s or before (no pun intended)? The words of Sherlock Holmes author Sir Authur Conan Doyle drive my point home, “Once you eliminate the impossible, what remains, no matter how improbable must be the truth.”

Here goes the cold hard truth. Are you aware that the Pulse nightclub shooter’s father was an FBI informant for over a decade, and his son, the shooter was “recruited” according to stunning revelations that came out in the trial of the shooter’s widow Noor Salman for aiding and abetting the attack?

Are you aware that the new version of the Russian KGB, the FSB, warned the FBI that the Boston Marathon Bombers were in fact terrorist headed back to the US from the Caucus mountains to execute an attack? Are you aware that in case after case, from the San Bernardino-IPHONE terrorist case to the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting, that the FBI concealed information that would have prevented those attack and future attacks such as the Buffalo mass shooting? With the exception of the Boston Marathon bombing, I was involved in each of the cases, and I can tell you that the situation is worse than this evidence shows.

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It turns out it is official policy of DHS and the FBI, NOT to interrupt mass shootings as is admitted in a 2016 Washington Post article. What this means is that what Americans have believed to be the truth since Columbine, is opposite of the truth-the FBI and DHS don’t see their mission as preventing mass shootings, just investigating the carnage after the fact.

Congress is well aware of this fact, why haven’t they told the public instead of campaigning over corpses of dead bodies of the victims with promises of, “This will be the last one!” No, it will not be the last one, and they very well know it-there is plenty more to come. Unless you change this policy, the countless numbers of future victims, in future mass shootings, like the shoppers at Tops Supermarket, are already dead.

The second truth. Reality TV is neither real nor harmless. As my articles and The Atlantic article echo, mass delusion leads to mass shootings. Reality TV is social and psychological poison, an incubator of tomorrow’s school and mass shooters as surely as night will follow the day.

Not only is the genre of brain rot modern day Bread and Circuses in the extreme, it is a monumental money scam where the performers are laughing at, not with the people ignorant enough to buy into the poisonous charade. For those that are offended or don’t believe what I am stating, here’s the irrefutable proof.

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Reality TV personalities are referred to as Reality TV stars by the media and by their fans. Prior to this televised version of P.T. Barnum’s famous axiom that “A Sucker Is Born Every Minute,” a star was defined as someone with superior talent. Elvis, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Robert DeNiro, etc. The Reality TV performers have ZERO talent, they can’t dance, act, sing-nothing.


Yet they are being paid millions of dollars. How did they pull it off? They tricked Americans into accepting their definition of talent, that being-someone that has none. These talentless fakes have millions of young Americans believing that the worse you behave, the more famous you will become, mass shooters have literally made this exact statement. Where did they all of a sudden get this cannibalistic belief from? Reality TV.

Reality TV performers are Hollywood charlatans that are being paid huge amounts of money due to the deluded throngs of viewers that are willing to fall for entertainment Ponzi scheme and give up their money. Proving another saying is 100% accurate, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” However, there is an even worse dark side to Reality TV other than keeping poor people poor, it is that even a little delusion is dangerous-mass shooter dangerous. Some people can’t control their level of delusion. Their delusion goes from 1 to a mass shooting just like that. Just like Buffalo. As with illicit drugs, some people just can’t handle them, in REALITY, Reality TV is digital fentanyl. And like fentanyl, the only answer to not dying from it is not to take it-PERIOD.

The third element that led to the Buffalo mass shooting and the rise of the mass shooter in America is social media. Social media is Reality TV on steroids. Social media is cyber crack. Social media is electronic meth. Social media is high-tech nationalism in the worst of ways. Who says this other than me?

The co-founders of Facebook. They say that Facebook is deliberately designed to create sociopaths (like most serial killers, 90% mass shooters are sociopaths, not psychopaths-that is they are not legally “crazy”). The tech robber barons are well aware that social media THE major element in creating mass shooters, and in fact see mass shootings as being not only a natural effect of their products, but that these shootings are good for business. This comes directly from a very well-known tech CEO.

The fact is that it is very easy to manipulate human beings psychologically as Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud, WW II military reports, 1950’s television advertising, and Stockholm syndrome all prove. The tech titans invested millions of dollars funding psychological exploitation research such as Cambridge Analytica for a reason-it works. And it works in the worst of ways.

No ifs, ands, or buts. Mass shooter after mass shooter live streamed their crimes after social media brainwashed them into committing their crimes. This is undeniable. Not addressing this fact is like trying to come up with a vaccine for Covid-19, without admitting Covid-19 is caused by a virus. The shooter with a gun that goes and kills a bunch of people is the symptom, social media is the disease that causes this symptom, and the only vaccine for social media getting rid of it.

Finally, when you add the extreme isolation, bad parenting, the American love for hating the truth, and it is not why did we have the Buffalo mass shooting, but of course we had the Buffalo mass shooting. Americans have to get that just because politicians, the FBI, and the tech CEOS don’t tell you the truth…the truth still happens.

And unfortunately, it will be the average American that will be on the wrong end of that truth when it comes to mass shootings. Yes, the Buffalo shooter wrote endless statements of his Hatred for Blacks although he didn’t know many if any. That is no Blacks had done anything to him. He, like the South Carolina church shooter, and Oxford High School shooter all went to the internet, stumbled across racist postings, and latched on to it due to their mental state.

They were brainwashed by Reality TV, turned criminally insane by social media, and abandoned by the security agencies in America that were created to stop them from doing exactly what they did. But at the end of the day, ask the same question as I did at the beginning of this article. WHY now? Why not during our grandparents’ time, or their grandparents before them?

The hard, cold, and honest truth is that in the 1980’s we threw the baby out with the bathwater. We abandoned much of what worked for America for 200 years in exchange for junk science, political correctness, and the illogic in the extreme. Technology advanced-Americans didn’t. America had massive technological innovation, but did not have social innovation to keep up with the tech advances, and mass shooters are the most glaring result of that failure. The two realities are out of synch, hence the tragedy of the epidemic of mass hooters. Results don’t lie.

About Author:

Jerome Almon is an author, university lecturer, and expert on mass shooting, school shootings, and terrorism. He has studied political science under top security experts from the US, European Union, and Australia such as top European Union negotiator Dr. Mitja Zagar and national security expert and CIA consultant Dr. Richard Mansbach of Iowa State University. Additionally, he served in the Desert Wars as a paratrooper, explosives expert, tanker, and translator, with the XVIIIth Airborne Corps. He has been sought for advice and information regarding national security issue from US Presidents, Prime Ministers, the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Scotland Yard, and the NYPD anti-terror unit. Mr. Almon has been involved in several of the most well-known mass shooting investigations including the Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Pulse Nightclub, Oxford High School, and Paris-Bataclan shootings. He can be reached at

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