Uvalde School Shooting Investigation Was Caused by Corruption, Ignorance, And Stupidity

Uvalde School District Police Chief Peter Arredondo Decided Not To Send Officers Inside
Uvalde School Shooting Investigation Was Caused by Corruption, Ignorance, And Stupidity

My last article on the Buffalo mass shooting stated that Americans have been taught to hate the truth. The Uvalde school shooting in Texas proves my assertion to be 100% accurate. Americans are fatally deluded. America over the last 40 years has become a “1984” culture, and a “Fahrenheit 451” society, that naturally yields “A Clock Work Orange” killer sociopaths. Americans have decided that they would rather have a country dominated by Fake-ality TV, sociopath media, and the most corrupt leadership in the history of mankind, rather than have their children live through the school day.  As the saying goes, “You reap what you sow.” Garbage in garbage out.

America didn’t have a school shooting epidemic in the 1970s and before because parents would not tolerate it. We have a school shooting epidemic today because America does tolerate it. We have spent the last 40 years destroying everything we built over the previous 200 years. We cannibalized 200 years of progress in favor of scam TV programming, junk science, and fake celebrity.

We have chosen greed over our children’s lives, as the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting proves. What America is experiencing is reality crashing headlong into the fake Reality TV world that we have created as a substitute for actual culture. The proof: how many school and mass shootings happen outside of America? How many happen outside of the Western countries that have been polluted by America’s new culture?

The Sandy Hook school shooting industrialized mass shootings. Mass shootings, especially school shootings were turned into a business. The foundation, the lawsuits against the gun manufacturers, and the endless media coverage of the shooter, all served to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the American vulture class while bringing hell and endless death to the very children that the Sandy Hook Promise organization was supposed to protect. It is not the parents that are the problem, God knows they deserve all the support and sympathy possible.

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The problem is all the lawyers, the ratings for advertising dollars media, the corporate scammers, and the phony school shooting experts that are to expertise what a lead brick is to aerodynamic flight. They are both death profiteering and guaranteeing America will have endless graveyards being filled with school children’s bodies. There is not one positive that has come from the Sandy Hook foundation…only negatives. Some involved may have good intentions, but as the axiom goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In this case, Sandy Hook was a superhighway straight to the devil.

The reaction to the Uvalde school shooting and every other school and the mass shooting in America is summed up by two quotes from Albert Einstein and Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Einstein stated the following concerning such as, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Dr King stated was even more acidic in his timeless quote on what we are witnessing in the aftermath of Uvalde, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance, and conscientious stupidity.” America is drowning in stupidity and ignorance, and we are taking our kids down to the bottom feet first.

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So, what’s the true cause of the school shootings, and who is to blame for the epidemic? The cause is exactly what is stated in my previous article and above. It doesn’t take a PHD-it doesn’t take a GED to understand what caused the problem. Other countries raise their boys to be men, America raises our boys to be cold-blooded, killer sociopaths. However, there are specific individuals and entities that are responsible for the endless carnage we are seeing executed in our schools.

Pulling up the rear is the American public…you either put your children first or you put them last. Americans do not put their children first-money, fame, and ignorance yes, but not our children.  In the second place, there is the usual motley crew of culprits-the FBI, police, and DHS that have made a secret pact not to interrupt active school and mass shootings until the gunman has run out of bullets. As I said in the second one, the Uvalde police had no intention of entering Robb elementary school any more than they had any intention of entering Mandalay Bay in the Las Vegas shooting

 (1 hour 15 minutes) or Pulse nightclub (3 hours).

The trick’s on you. But as the saying goes, “Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on me.” However, at the top of the list is America’s elected officials, social media, and what we consider to be entertainment. The politicians are all professional liars that have no respect for the people that elected them and pay their salaries and protect the social media and media oligarchs giving our kids artificially induced criminal insanity.

They literally don’t care how many of your children die, as long as they get to raise funds off of their deaths. Congress and the Governors all have been given absolute and irrefutable evidence that the FBI knew that school and mass shootings were going to occur and let them happen.

The evidence comes directly from the FBI and proves for example, that every word of the official report on the Las Vegas mass shooting is a complete lie (I was involved in the investigation from beginning to end). Why haven’t you seen this information?  American children are being lied to death, and their parents become full partners in the scheme by not demanding the truth.

So, what is the answer to the school shooting problem that now has the parents of Uvalde suffering unimaginable anguish? Banning guns won’t work as in the incident that just occurred in the vicinity of the Uvalde shooting, in which two teens planned to use homemade bombs to attack their school (just as the Columbine, Minnesota, Las Vegas, and Alabama school shooters did).

The continued head in the sand approach also will not work, the killer kids are not going to grow out of being mass murderers. The endless and highly deliberate media coverage that turns the perpetrators into rock stars from the dark side fits right into America’s obsession with negative behavior entertainment (Reality-TV) being equated with talent, and as long as Americans fall for the scam, America will have school shootings.

The solution to the problem is so simple that the dumbest kid in the class gets it. The solution is comprised of 3 parts:

3) Form an independent Blue Ribbon panel of actual school and mass shooting experts to investigate the Uvalde attack and the overall problem of school and mass shootings, something that has never been done (we have initiated the process with individuals with a proven track record on predicting and solving actual mass attacks and school shootings).

2) Fire every head of every law enforcement organization that has been involved in previous investigations of mass and school shootings and re-examine those incidents and reveal the truth that has been concealed. You cannot end Covid-19 without admitting it is caused by a virus. In the case of school and mass shootings, the virus is composed of lies and coverups. So, the FBI Directors, heads of DHS, and the Attorneys General past and present should all be fired and investigated for criminal dereliction of duty.

1) Immediately replace all 535 members of Congress. Congress is the #1 cause of problems in America, they control the budget, they make the laws, and they will do anything for money. Most have been there too long, and have done nothing but collect all the bribes they can, cut all the side deals they can, and get paid $15,000 a month for doing the worst job possible. It is them or your children, PERIOD.

To put it simply and direct, if you had an honest and loyal Congress, there would be no school or mass shooting epidemic. It simply never would have occurred…you got sold out. Congress must be held to the same standard as an NFL quarterback. An NFL quarterback must deliver no matter what, or the owners will find someone that will. They must win or else, just ask # 1 picks Drew Bledsoe and Jameis Winston found out when they got replaced by #199 pick Tom Brady. Football is just a game, Uvalde is real-life- far, far too real for me.

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