IRCTC PNR Status Live Check: Indian Railways Enquiry of Current Ticket for Seat Availability

IRCTC PNR Status Live Check: Indian Railway Enquiry of Current Ticket for Seat Availability
IRCTC PNR Status Live Check: Indian Railway Enquiry of Current Ticket for Seat Availability

IRCTC PNR Status Live Check: Have doubts regarding your PNR status or any kind of Indian Railway inquiry for seat availability? Just check it out! Yes, you can view the status with PNR no. available on rail ticket. All you need is to fill up your PNR number. Then submit it. You will get to see your PNR current status.

About: IRCTC PNR Status and PNR Full Form
It reveals to you your booking status. Basically, it informs about the confirmation, reservation or waiting list status for your tickets. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.

IRCTC PNR Status Live Check

IRCTC PNR Status Live Check: Indian Railway Enquiry of Current Ticket for Seat Availability

The purpose for checking PNR Status:
Talking about the Indian railway system, here waiting list count much number than the reserved or confirmed tickets. In the waiting list status, you need to regularly check whether your ticket gets the confirmation or not. In this regard, you should go through the PNR status. There’s an official website of Indian Railway too for this, i.e.,

You may check it out online sitting at home. And for the very purpose, you need to give your PNR number.

About: PNR Number
The railway ticket you book holds in a ‘PNR number’, which means ‘Passenger Name Record’. This tells you about your IRCTC PNR status whether you are on Waiting List (WL) or Reservation Against Cancellation Queue (RAC). If your status is on WL or RAC, then your ticket would be given a 10 digit number, viz, PNR number.

IRCTC PNR Status Live Check: Indian Railway Enquiry of Current Ticket for Seat Availability

Where to find PNR number on the ticket?

PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). In the case of the E-Ticket (tickets that are booked online or through IRCTC website), it is mentioned at the top in a separate cell.

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How to check PNR status?

You can check your ticket status by the following methods:

1. PNR Status Check Using PC (Computer/Desktop/Laptop):

Yes, you can go online and check it out. This sounds as one of the simplest ways to go through your status of PNR. All you need is to open the site, and there enter your request. Or you may use the actual site of Indian Railways.

2. IRCTC PNR Status Check Using SMS option:

Here, you need to send SMS with your 10 digit PNR number and all the details would come up to you. The numbers on which you can send the SMS with PNR no. are-

  • 139
  •  5676747.

You may use any number and send your PNR number there. Don’t write anything else in the SMS.

3. PNR Status Live Check Using the mobile app:

Now, you can use your mobile to check your IRCTC PNR status. Just download the mentioned app and use it. For Android users, ‘PNRstatus app’ is best. For iPhone users, any specific app as such is not made yet. If there comes an app, we will let you know.

Below is the link for the Android platform.

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Things you must know about ‘PNRstatus’ and ‘Railway Reservation’:

  • What is WL & RAC?

RAC tickets are those which come up when all the seats are acquired in the train. These tickets fall into the category of reservation. And when the vending for RAC tickets comes to an end. Then IRCTC (or Indian Railway) offer some WL tickets. Daily many tickets get canceled. For their renewal, it is a must for you to buy RAC or WL ticket. As soon as the Indian Railways are done with the making of reservation list, they check for some vacant seats left on the train. Then these seats are given to the RAC or WL holders.

The reservation list is made up in the following manner:

  1. Available 02
  2. Available 01
  3. RAC 01
  4. RAC 02
  5. WL 01 and so on.

IRCTC PNR Status Check

  • All about your ticket and WL number:

Look at your ticket! There you’ll see two numbers. One number indicates- when you entered in the waitlist and the other will reveal your actual (current) state.

Look at this example about how the numbers appear:

Booking a ticket using the web online. Go through the train-class-seat-berth which you wish to select. Choose your date & time options. The reservation has just ended. And now you are offered the ticket holding WL4/ WL1 number.

Here, you applied for the WL ticket on 4th position. Suppose someone who booked a seat before you were in 2nd position and now he/she just canceled the ticket. Now, you got that 2nd position. So, the first number on your ticket would remain the same showing when you entered the WL. And the second number would decrease according to your shift in the line.

The railway reservation format may appear like:

  1. WL5/ WL2 (actual position)
  2. WL5/ WL1
  3. WL5/ RAC3
  4. WL5/ RAC2
  5. WL5/ RAC1
  6. WL5/ CNF

WL5/ WL2 means that you entered the waitlist.
WL5/ RAC3 means that you can board the train but may end up with a seat rather than a berth.
WL5/ CNF means that you get a confirmed ticket.

This is how your status of PNR gets upgraded.

check irctc pnr status

  • How to get the refund for WL & RAC tickets?

When the railway system is all set and done with the making of the reservation list. All the WL ticket prices would get refunded in the bank account of the holders. You don’t need to make any effort for the same. WL doesn’t ensure you about the confirmation. If at the very last moment your ticket got shifted to RAC ticket then you may not be refunded. This is because RAC ticket allows you to board the train.

Types of Indian Railways Tickets

  • E-Ticket

E-Ticket or Electronic Ticket is only booked through IRCTC website. One can take print out of a booked ticket and show it to the TTE with relevant passenger ID.

  • i-Ticket

Tickets booked at railway reservation counter are of type i-Ticket. It can also be booked at IRCTC website and usually gets delivered through courier at your doorstep.

Types of Waitlist Tickets & Their Confirmation Priority

  • GNWL (General Waiting List) – It gets priority over CKWL
  • CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List)

PNR Status Meaning

CAN Cancelled – the passenger seat has been canceled
CNF Confirm – If the current status shows CNF – the seat will be allotted after charting.
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation – passenger is allowed to travel, two passengers share the same berth. Full berth allotted if a confirmed passenger does not board the train and seat is vacant after the departure of the train.
WL Waitlist – Passengers not allowed to travel with waitlisted eticket. Train ticket can be canceled before 30 min departure of the train.
RLWL Remote Location Waitlist – Smaller stations have a separate quota of seats and its waiting seats are given RLWL status
PQWL Pooled Quota Waitlist – this quota is for passengers traveling between intermediate stations and has a separate waiting list from the general waiting list.
RSWL Road-Side Waitlist – Station specific waiting list.
REL Released
NR NoRoom – No more booking allowed
NOSB No Seat Berth – Children below the age of 12 when paying child fare are not allotted seats their PNR status shows NOSB
WEBCAN Railway Counter Ticket: Passenger has been canceled over internet and refund has not been collected.
WEBCANRF Railway Counter Ticket: Passenger has been canceled over internet and refund has been collected.
GNWL General Waitlist
TQWL Tatkal Waitlist

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