Who is Nicholas John Roske from Simi Valley California: Family, Job – Wiki Bio

Who is Nicholas John Roske Family and House
Who is Nicholas John Roske Family and House

Nicholas John Roske from Simi Valley, California, is finally under the federal agencies’ radar after allegedly threatening to kill U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Investigation revealed that Nicholas John Roske is from Simi Valley, California, given the threats to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh because of some differences. Online affidavit records say Nicholas John Roske is currently 26 years old.

Nicholas John Roske Career and Job

According to a recent investigation, Nicholas John Roske was managing a pest control company’s office in Simi Valley.

A criminal complaint noted by the agencies accuses Roske of “attempts to kidnap or murder, or threatens to assault, kidnap or murder a United States Judge, to wit: a current Justice of the United States Supreme Court.”

According to the complaint, Nicholas John Roske allegedly tried to kill Kavanaugh multiple times or planned for it. He bought zip ties and a  Glock 17 pistol for Supreme Court Justice’s neighborhood. The suspect also goes by the names Nicholas Roske and Nick Roske.

Nicholas John Roske Family and House

Public records showed Mr. Roske lived in a three-bedroom home on Marsha Avenue, Modesto, CA. According to records, two other people were assumed to be his parents and were also living in the Marsha Avenue house. According to initial reports, Nicholas John Roske Parent’s names were Colleen and Vernon.

Who is Nicholas John Roske Family and House
Who is Nicholas John Roske Family and House

As per the LinkedIn profile of Mr. Vermon Roske, he was the last working as a claim representative in an insurance company.

Roske was arrested as a preventive measure after a Wisconsin judge was zip-tied and murdered in his own home by a man he had sentenced years before and escalating threats against members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nicholas Roske, belonging to Simi Valley, California, Was Upset About the Leak of the Roe v. Wade Draft Opinion. Roske assumed Kavanaugh’s decision might loosen gun control laws in the country.

Nicholas was deeply disappointed after the mass shootings of Uvalde, Buffalo, and Tulsa. According to the reports, he asked the arresting officers to stop the shooting while being arrested.

Kavanaugh is a conservative justice appointed by former President Donald Trump. He faced allegations of sexual assault during high school but got selected after bruising those allegations.

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