Amber Heard Clips Leaked To The Jury? Behind the Scenes Clips could be MASSIVE evidence in favour of Johnny Depp

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Who Is Amber Heard Dating Now After Johnny Depp & Bianca Butti? Relationship History & Timeline Explained!

Amber Heard Clips Leaked: Possibly one of the longest defamation suits in the history of the television industry is about to reach a verdict. The 50 Million Defamation Suit has moved the Jury. After many dubious statements from Amber Heard’s witnesses, Jury is expected to announce their ruling very soon.

According to the latest leak on social media, one of the Jury members recently spotted Amber Heard’s Interview Clips. The clip in question shows Amber Heard losing her cool just because some people were walking around her. The jury could use this clip against the actress whose legal counsel placed an untrustworthy psychiatrist to evaluate Johnny Depp’s mental condition.

Since temperament and psychological evaluation was one of the points highlighted by Amber’s team in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial on days 19 to 21, if this clip is leaked to the Jury, it could go significantly against Amber Heard in the trial.

According to our sources, this clip was leaked to Jury on May 31st when some fans lined up outside the court in support of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

During the trial, Amber Heard did walk out on her lawyers, the judge, and the Jury just because she was disappointed that nothing was working in her favor.

In the latest leaked interview video, the interviewer was trying to ask her if she was part of a movie. However, before letting the interviewer finish the question, Amber Heard denied being part of the movie.

In the latest portions of the leaked clip, Amber Heard kept looking back as if she were running away from someone. She was smirking as she did in the courthouse. Then, all of a sudden, Amber snapped she stopped the interviewer while talking and demanded everyone to stop. She was angry because spot boys were walking around the set, which is an unusual move for an actress.

In the interview, Amber Heard Said – “I can’t really, I can’t do this if people are coming in and out of the door it’s distracting.”

In another interview, Amber did the same thing. She stopped talking mid-sentence because it seemed like someone was walking by her.

Why Johnny Depp’s Legal Counsel didn’t use Amber Heard Clips Leaked To The Jury – According to the inside information – Johnny Depp’s team was expecting Amber Heard, Legal counsel, to put a charge on Johnny Depp’s psychological evaluation based on a clip allegedly leaked by Amber Heard to TMZ.

These Behind the Scenes Clips could be MASSIVE evidence in favor of Johnny Depp because Jury is currently trying to examine if Amber Heard was a victim or not.

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