Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know

kingdom hearts 3 release date
kingdom hearts 3 release date

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: The KH3 is coming! The game that landed directly in the hearts of the fans. Square Enix created the game and now seems to cover the glam light once again. The thrilling adventure happening in the life of Sora can have a final turn. Only a bit was revealed at the previous time. Now, may be the renewal would go on further detailing it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, News, Worlds, Gameplay Trailer, Characters, Features, Wiki, PS4, Xbox One, PC

What is KingdomHearts 3?

The game is going to come for its 3rd series. This will be played on PlayStation 4 (PS4) or Xbox One. Square Enix made a complete mixture of the Disney world and other imaginative characters. For you, the part of Sora will be renewed. This sounds exciting!

Plus, Donald and Goofy will return too. You’ll experience the enjoyment and fun once again. There travel journey would look more magnifying. Waiting to enter the battles? Okay, the new installment would satisfy your wishes. The game involves the genre of action role playing.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

Talking about the KH3 release date, I would like to mention that Kingdom Hearts3 will be released in the year 2018 for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PC, and Xbox One.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

Waiting to see the promo clip? What will be new and what is returning? Finally, the wait will soon come to an end as the official confirmation has been made for the third installment. For the first trailer look of the toy look.

Official Trailer released on February 10, 2018. Here it is:

Enix has thrown light on some clips capturing KH3. You can watch the following at:

E3 2013 Reveal Trailer

E3 2014 trailer

E3 2015 Trailer

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Story & Characters

Heard about KingdomHearts 3D? 3D are Dream Drop Distance! So, the game follows the events of KH 3D. Here, two characters ‘King Mickey’ and ‘Riku’ are searching out for the left out ‘Keyblade Wielders’. The game story reflects their journey throughout.

Along with these exciting characters, there are present their friends too. They are ‘Sora’, ‘Donald’, ‘Goofy’. All of the three will be tracking the ‘7 Guardians of light’. Every effort made by each of the characters is directed towards killing the thoughts of evil ruler ‘named, Master Xehanort.

Some information has been out by Tetsuya Nomura (director) regarding the upcoming of KingdomHearts3. And he says that on the day 3D ends, KH 3 will began. The installments are running from a variety of places and the journey is not taking place at a particular place. So, it sounds not possible to capture KH3 destination.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, News, Worlds, Gameplay Trailer, Characters, Features, Wiki, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay

The directions seem to be quite matching with the earlier games. Tetsuya revealed that it won’t to much difficulty to play. As you played the earlier ones, you’ll get to know the directions for this installment too. Talking about the features and wish list, I’d like to mention that it would relate to KingdomHearts2. This time too, Sora will act as playing multiple parts in the game.

Sora would be changing into magnifying dresses that store arms and instruments as she holds in ‘Drive Forms’ power. Yes, the third installment would capture that again. The very first transformation would be ‘Guard Form’. One super amazing weapon includes the giant hammer which we just captured in some images. This will be a brand new transformation of Sora holding the hammer.

Remember the ‘Spiky Haired’ hero? How can we forget his look? The look just invented a new name for him- The Spiky Hero. Okay, so this time he has done some improvements in him. Now, he can run on the walls, make a jump, and climb. He seems to be trained at the gym. That sounds funny! Well, the game would enable him to do all these things. This makes him strong to fight.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Features

This installment would give look on the original locations. That sounds something real! The theme would be based on Disney making the game look attractive. There has been shown confirmation on two things: ‘Tangled’ and ‘Big Hero 6’.

Possibly, some of the favorites would give an entry once again. At the time of the launch of Kingdom Hearts 2, Disney booked Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar. Sadly, we won’t be able to look at them in KingdomHearts 3.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

There is a list for some of the confirmed worlds of Kingdom Hearts3. These are as follows.

  1. The Kingdom of Corona
  2. Big Hero 6
  3. Mount Olympus
  4. Twilight Town
  5. Mysterious Tower
  6. Toy story

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